Sarah and Bamboo should be together, ASAP!

It was an ordinary Sunday.

We thought the noontime TV variety show “ASAP” would be presenting its usual fare of performances last May 5.

We were wrong.

As the introduction came heralding “The Voice of the Philippines” judges, we saw on our screens two of the country’s most admired singers—Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo Mañalac—starting their rendition of Pink and Nate Ruess’s “Just Give Me a Reason.” Just a showcase of two talents, we thought, as has been the case week after week.

But, I was also intrigued: how would the pop princess and a rock icon fare in a duet?

We were in for an incredible surprise.

It was not one singer trying to outdo the other with their biritan or kulot vocal calisthenics. It was two singers who, I believe, were made for each other—vocally, that is.

The mesh of their vocal prowess was impeccable—complementing each other smoothly and engaging in harmonies that were almost magical. And, just like they do in “The Voice” (the local version of which has Bamboo and Sarah as vocal coaches), I turned away from the TV set, closed my eyes and just listened. Indeed, my initial impression was right. It was not just your usual pairing of two individual “premium” or “powerhouse” talents.

It was definitely a match made in heaven.

Music producers should look beyond Sarah and Bamboo as talent show judges. They should immediately get a mind-and-heart-blowing song from a brilliant composer like Ogie Alcasid (or even Bamboo himself) and haul this unusual tandem to a recording studio to get them to recreate the moment they had in “ASAP.”

For sure, it will be something memorable and exciting for OPM.

Gerry Plaza